Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Abrachan (Lidl) - Blended Malt - Review

Just before Christmas I was doing my usual rounds of the supermarkets, checking out what delights were on offer, and upon passing a local branch of Lidl I thought I'd take a quick peek in case there was something different on the shelves.

How right I was as I immediately spotted a bottle not previously seen by myself.

This "own brand" bottling was named Abrachan.  Now normally I'd not be too interested in such a product but after checking out the packaging I was a little more intrigued. 

The information I was getting was that this was a blended malt, seldom seen these days, and was a triple matured whisky having drawn upon malt whiskies that had spent time in bourbon barrels, Oloroso sherry butts and Tawny port pipes. 

A further check revealed a bottling strength of 42% ABV and that this whisky had come to us courtesy of Clydesdale Scotch Whisky Co., Glasgow, G2 5RG.

Now, the reason I included the postcode is that after a little searching on the internet I discovered that this postcode is the very same used by Whyte & Mackay and relates to their headquarters on St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.

As highlighted within a recent Facebook group, Whyte & Mackay have a large range of whiskies to choose from, above and beyond those from their own distilleries, and therefore your guess is as good as mine as to which whiskies have been used to make this blend.

Pleasantly surprised at the fact this was blended malt, triple matured and bottled at a higher than usual 42% ABV I decided to take a punt whilst quietly telling myself to expect very little, after all it was a supermarket own brand released specifically at Christmas.

Very little is what I got.

Onto my notes:

Nose - Not too bad but very young and unbalanced.  All the usual red fruits were here with the slightest hint of buttered creaminess but all in all they were not integrated well.  The main problem was a distinct off note that smelt rather like rotten eggs.  Could this be my first experience of a sulphur laden cask??

Palate - Thin, watery, young, raw spirit that's had what feels like just a slight influence of possibly 3rd fill casks.  Again very unbalanced and a little nasty.  Only real positive was a slight red fruit note that dried on the mouth but this really isn't too far off being flavoured vodka.

Finish - What finish?

Overall one to definitely be avoided.  Whilst I commend supermarkets for going a little bit further in getting a decent, supposed, presentation out there, with the 42% and all, they really need to start taking a little interest in what's going into the bottle.  It's hard to believe that everything in here is malt whisky as it's so flat and raw but I suppose the distilleries do have to get rid of their crap somehow.  I don't know whether I'll stop buying these supermarket brands or not, in the hope of unearthing a gem, but please at least try to keep us coming back for more.

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  1. I went through the very same experience you did. I went for the first time in my life to Lidl, to buy an wireless earphone i saw on their catalog. Couldn't find it but on my way to COC, i spotted that scotch whisky, the first blended malt i ever saw in french supermarket (i live in Brittany, born and breed there). Nah, I checked online
    and read your review. You did will well discouraging me to even try it. I'll offer it to someone i don't really like on next occasion so...thanks for the saving :)
    (Personally I am a speyside lover, the balanced one like The Macallan, Glenfiffich 15+.

  2. I'm surprised, such pointy keech from the likes of you! A great bottle o' liquid gold and some fine real whisky tastes as good as it did when I was eleven years of age. This bottle has taken me back in time. I was guzzling hot toddies on my Irish father and going in to school the next day to get caned across the hands for doing something wrong. This is a powerfull drink and you will not be disappointed politics aside. Whisky politics that is. As for the notes,sweet sherry, warm ,brandy warm, gutsie enthusiasm, berried delights. Um yes positive graspy want this.

  3. I'm also surprised that this whisky didn't do it for you. It's a little young but it's an easy drinker. I agree with James 42 in that it has sherry and brandy notes. A little bit of toffee and caramel in there as well. I paid 15 euros in my local Lidl in France and for that price nothing else competes.

  4. Loved it. Can't be beaten in this pricerange. Don't let snobs discourage you.