Sunday, 23 February 2014

Discovery Road - "Four Lions" - Review

After another busy weekend I'm back again, as promised, to bring you another update regarding one of the drams from the new Discovery Road range of whiskies.

On Friday evening I posted an entry giving you an introduction to this new range of whiskies which can be found by clicking here.  Hopefully this should get you all up to speed.

This update shall focus on the Discovery Road "Four Lions" bottling.  

This is a single malt from St George's Distillery in Norfolk, England.  It has been bottled at 46% ABV and is named after the four people who picked out the 4 casks that make up this release.  The four persons involved were "Discovery Road Whisky" brand creator Dominic Roskrow, St George's distiller David Fitt and Whisky Tasting Club members Tony Bagnall and Pat Barrow.

It was released in December 2013 and is described, on Dominic Roskrow's website, as "a single malt with a distinctive spicy and earthy taste, some tropical fruits and citrus, and hints of menthol".  Not Bad eh?  Well onto my own tasting notes:

Nose - Firstly I would like to say that it clings to the glass beautifully.  Lemon and lime, clove, milk chocolate and salted caramel.  Vanilla biscuits with a definitive youthfulness running throughout the spirit.  With a touch of water the citrus notes become more pronounced with the menthol mentioned by Dominic himself making an appearance.

Palate - Initially sweet malt giving way to an intense peppery heat.  The heat is in no way harsh but gives a generous warmth in the mouth.  More sweet salted caramel, menthol and citrus but is now more orangey rather than lemon and lime.

Finish - Nice lingering fresh fruit heat.

Overall this reminds me of a coastal highland malt in the style of Old Pulteney.  It's a very interesting whisky with some youth on it's side.  I will admit that the youthfulness may be a touch overpowering to some but this dram can be given time in the glass and allowed to open up to show the fresh fruitiness.  I feel this offering does the distillery proud and showcases their potential perfectly.  An excellent choice and a great starter to get me into the Discovery Road range.

As with all of the Discovery Road range this bottling can be found on Master of Malt and to help I've even given you the link -

Unfortunately this week I shall be away from my computer and unable to update this blog but I shall be back again on Friday evening to bring you the next instalment in the range which shall be Discovery Road "Courage" - a Dutch Single Malt that's a little bit special.

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